Daddy where'd you go

I am here. Shhhhh dont tell mommy.

I'm so horny daddy :) will you come visit my bed again tonight?

Yes princess. Daddy will play with you all night.

I want to make sexy pics again. My only problem is I travel often and usa customs can search my laptop without cause. Although nothing wrong with my pics the embarrassment alone makes me not want too. They will probably write perv in my permanent record.

hi man just came across ur blog i am into incest and ageplay to nothing hot when ur girlfriend want to age play it make me cum so hard u got a great blog

I agree. Glad you like it. Almost anything taboo is sexy in the bedroom. Something about the fantasy of breaking social norms is yummy.

You're back?! That's great! I've missed your sexy posts.

I am here just send daddy a message if you want to talk. Under 18 go away and fly a kite.

Being single for 4 months this is how my penis feels


I left for 9 months. Should I come back?

Message me and let me know.

I'm so horny daddy

Me too :-)

Mmm I just wanted to say that I love your blog. It makes me so wet. Ill have to do something about that I guess.

Good girl :-)…. let daddy watch